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3D Eye Area Injection

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3D Eye Area Injection

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3D Eye Area Injection

Dr. Jiang breakthrough the injection to solve the problem of the traditional eye “Panda needle” and other hyaluronic acid, etc. With a lot of learning and practice, He developed a unique way -3D eye ocular injection injection technique. Combine treatment of individual cases with the deep shallow injection in the eye, he solved ocular tissues caused by loose bags under the eyes, dark circles, tear trough by injection on the root problem. This effect is significant and it has the high success rate and the duration over half a year. It is called “advanced panda needle.”。

  • 3D Eye Area Injection

Special Note: This product has been approved by for sale Health Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

No surgery, fat insoluble, no liposuction, no swelling, and it does not affect the work and life.

The exclusive injection technology tightens and lifts the sagging skin of the eyes in one step. The maintenance time is longer than that of the traditional “Panda Needle”. It does not deform after surgery, and the effect and maintenance time are optimal.

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