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Eyelash Growth

Easily have long, thick and dense eyelashes, and shine for your natural eyelashes!

Beautiful eyelashes has always been a dream of ladies, and touching eyelashes depends on its length, fullness and density. Eyelashes not only have physiological functions, but also affect the shape of the eyes and the overall appearance.

Special Note: This product has been approved by for sale Health Canada.

Studies have shown that eyelashes decrease with age. Are your eyelashes thinner than before? Is it getting shorter? Don’t panic. Studies show that between 20 and 30 years of age, women’s eyelashes keep getting shorter, thinner and smaller. By the age of 60, eyelashes will noticeably age.

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First Step

Before going to bed at night, remove your contact lenses, clean your face, and use your face care products after using Eyelash Growth Liquid.

Second Step

Take out the small clean brush and squeeze a drop of liquid medicine near the head of the brush.

Third Step

Immediately apply Eyelash Growth Liquid on the upper eyelid of the left eye near the root of the eyelashes. Just like using eyeliner, feels moist, however, the correct amount is the absence of liquid. If you accidentally apply it to the outside of your eyes and face, wipe it off with a paper towel.

Fourth Step

Aspirate any excess solution around the eyelids.

Fifth Step

Discard the applicator brush after one serving. Repeat with a new sterile applicator brush on the edge of the eyelid on the other side. This helps reduce the possibility of one eyelid contaminating the other eyelid.


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